Articles and Texts

Tami Yanagisawa,"Religious Experience and Motives for Action: Possibilities in the Study of Religion based on Empirical Science", in Nanzan Shingaku 32, Faculty of Christian Studies of Nanzan University, 2009,pp.125-148.(in Japanese)

Tami Yanagisawa, "Jesus' Approach/Disposition: The Acitivity of Approach and Communication of Action", in Disposition: World as Arrangement, Tokyo, 2008, pp.50-83. (in Japanese)

Tami Yanagisawa, "The Role of the Fishing Metaphor in Kazuo Ohno", in Gengo-Buunka 25, Research Institute of Language and Culture in Meiji Gakuin University, 2008,pp.40-56.(in Japanese)

Tami Yanagisawa, "Interiority and Exteriority / Nearness and Distance: Introspectivism and Patristic Philosophy", in Eikon: Eastern Christian Studies 36, Japanese Association for Eastern Christian Studies, 2007, pp.99-123(in Japanese)

Tami Yanagisawa, "Toward a Geology of Mind: Reading Bin Kimura and Hisao Nakai", in Site Zero/ Zero Site 1, MDR., 2007,pp.10-34.(in Japanese)

Tami Yanagisawa, "Images self-explicating: the problem of "subject" in Pseudo-Dionysius", in Hyosho: Journal of the Association for Studies of Culture and Representation, vol.1, 2007, pp.106-118. (in Japanese)

Tami Yanagisawa, "Spiritual Senses and Beauty in Gregory of Nyssa", in Eikon: Eastern Christian Studies 24, Japanese Association for Eastern Christian Studies, 2001, pp.55-78.(in Japanese)

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